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by James W. Stout

About The Author

A Profile of David Frohman

Prologue:  "The Accidental Tourist Essay"

by David Frohman

Chapter 1

A Profile of Reverend John M. Stout

Chapter 2

A Profile of James W. Stout

Chapter 3

The Apollo Prayer League

Chapter 4

Creation of the Lunar Bibles

Chapter 5

Apollo 12 : The 1st Landing Attempt

Chapter 6

Apollo 13 : The 2nd Landing Attempt

Chapter 7

Apollo 14 : Landfall on the Moon

Chapter 8

The Lunar Bible Certification Project

Chapter 9

Can You Judge a Book by Its Covers?

Chapter 10

The Masonic Connection

Chapter 11

Misconceptions and Authentication Issues

Chapter 12

Milestones in Bible History

Chapter 13


Chapter 14

The James W. Stout Affidavit

Chapter 15

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